Conversational Glossary

Hey guys!

So this is a glossary for all the other difficult words and phrases I used in my blogs, all collected together in one spot!  There will be a lot more, so I’m going to format this one a little differently:

Word (part of speech): Japanese translation

Meaning in English

Example sentence

Like the other glossary, this one will be updated once in awhile, too, so please check back!


Capable (adj): 可能、行う能力がある

Able to do, having ability

“He’s a very capable guy, you can rely on him.”

Childhood (adj): 幼い

The time or state of being a child

“I have very fond memories of my childhood.”

Close (adj): 親しい

Feeling intimate, having a strong relationship

“She’s a very close friend, so I can tell her anything.”

Considerate (adj): 思いやりのある

Regarding the feelings or needs of others.

“Thank you for being so considerate, and I’m sorry I was so selfish.”


Doable (adj): 行うことができる、簡単にできる

Easy to do, can be done

“This translation will be tough, but it’s doable.”


Excusable (adj): 申し訳の立つ、許されやすい

Possible to excuse, easy to excuse

“His behavior was inexcusable, please ask him to leave.”


Helpful (adj): 助けになる

Providing or offering help

“He fixed my broken sink for free!  He’s so helpful.”

Honest (adj): 素直な、真実だけを言うこと

Not telling lies

“I know you want to be honest but telling a woman her hair looks terrible is a bad idea.”


Likeable (adj): 好かれやすい

Easy to like

“Everyone loves his wife, she’s so likeable.”

Long-distance (adj): 遠距離の

Between two distant places

“My best friend moved to America, so now he’s a long-distance friend.”


Manageable (adj): 扱いやすい、管理できる

Easy to manage, possible to manage

“The workload is difficult, but manageable.”


Noticeable (adj): 顕著な、すぐに気付く

Easy to notice

“The smell of cigarette smoke is noticeable, there must be smokers in there.”


Printable (adj): 印刷できる

Can be printed, easy to print

“Photos are more printable on laser printers.”


Understanding (adj): 物分かりが良い

Appreciating the thoughts or feelings of others.

“I thought he would never forgive me, but he was so understanding.”


Valuable (adj): 価値の高い、重要な、高価な

has value, easy to value

“My family photos are valuable to me, I don’t want to lose them.”

Variable (adj): 可変の

Can vary, varies easily

“The service quality there is variable, it depends on the waiter.”

Visible (adj): 目に見える

Can be seen, easy to see

“If you turn on the light the room will be visible.”


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