Group Discussions: Home, Complaining

Hello everyone!

We have a very different mix this coming week!

Our Saturday (February 28th) topic will be home.

Monday’s (March 2nd) topic is a very common but negative one (sorry!): complaining!  This is a pretty simple topic, so I’m only going to post three example questions today!


Here are some new questions you might hear (new lexis is in italics):

1. Do you prefer being home?

2. In English, we have a saying: “Home is where the heart is.”  What do you think this means?

3. What are homes like in other cultures?

Click here for the previous questions and the lexical set!


Here are some questions you may encounter:

Beginner: Are complaints common in Japan?

Intermediate: Is complaining helpful or necessary?  Why or why not?

Advanced: In English we have a say: “The customer is always right.”  Do you agree with this?  Why or why not?

Additional Useful Text:




That’s it!  This one is a pretty light one.  Hope to see you at the lesson!


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