Group Discussions: Changes, My Life

Hey everybody!

Many of the discussion topics are very impersonal.  For our next discussion topics, I’d like to talk about YOU more!

Our Saturday (February 21st) topic is changes.

Our Monday (February 23rd) topic is your life!


Here are some new questions you might hear (new lexis is in italics):

1. Why are some people good/bad at dealing with change?

2. What changes does the world need?

3. Is the world changing faster than before?  Why do you think so?

Click here to see the old questions and lexical set!


Here are some questions I might ask you:


1. Where were you born, exactly?

2. Did you like English in school?


1. What is one of your earliest memories?

2. Do you still have any friends from childhood?


1. How would you describe your experience raising children?

2. What was the best decision you’ve ever made?

Additional Useful Lexis:




Grow up


These days

What is/was N like?

Hope to see you for this discussion lesson!  By the way, if any of the questions are too personal, feel free to refrain from answering, or requesting a different question!


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