Today’s English Idiom: Kiss up to

Hey again!

Today’s idiom comes from a discussion we had on hobbies.  Strangely enough it’s not really related to hobbies though…

Here’s the idiom:

“Kiss up to s/o”

S/O stands for “SomeOne”


Nope, sorry, not that kind of kiss!

“Kiss up to” means to say or do something which you do not want to say or do in order to make someone like you.


For example, when it’s time for a promotion, people might start kissing up to the boss.  In other words, they might start saying things to the boss or doing things for the boss, even though they don’t want to say or do those things.

For example, they might compliment his/her clothes (even though they don’t like them) or say “Have you lost weight?” even though the boss hasn’t lost weight, or they might buy the boss flowers or candies or other gifts.

This English teacher provides some more great examples!

Here’s another example of kissing up in action!

Hope that’s helpful!  Let me know if you have any other questions!


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