Sunday and Monday group discussion lexis and questions: Books and Reading

Hey everyone!  Here are the lexis and questions for our discussion on Sunday and Monday!  If you are a student of mine, I hope to see you at one of the discussion groups!  If anybody (student or not) has any questions about this blog, please let me know!  Thanks!

Sunday and Monday group lexis:







Spend (time)

Take (time)










Before SV(-O)*

Come from

Go to bed

In your life

N* in English

Place to V*


* S = subject, V = verb, O = object, N = noun


Sunday and Monday group questions:
  1. Do you like reading? Why or why not?
  2. How many hours do you spend reading in a week?
  3. How many books have you read in your life?
  4. What was the last book that you read?
  5. What are you currently reading?
  6. Who is your favorite author?
  7. Who is the most famous writer from your country?
  8. What is your favorite book?
  9. What is your favorite genre?
  10. Is there a book that you have read more than once? What was the title? How many times did you read it?
  11. What is the longest book you have ever read? How long did it take you to read it?
  12. How do you choose the books you are going to read? What factors are important to you when choosing a book to read?
  13. Have you ever tried to read books in English?
  14. Do you watch movies that come from books? Most people say the book is better than the movie. Do you think so?
  15. Do you think that the internet and television will eventually make books obsolete?
  16. Do you have any ideas for a story for you to write?

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